Friday, March 16, 2012

Bathroom Organization-Pinterest style

Here is one of the few Pinterest projects I actually got around to completing!  (Blogging isn't the only thing I procrastinate.)  I organized all my makeup brushes in a vase with little pebbles.  I love the look of it and it really makes it easier to find them all/put them away when finished.  I also used an IKEA wine rack to hold my magazines.  (I read in the bathtub every night, it keeps me sane!)  You could easily roll up hand towels and use the wine rack for that too.

Cabinet Makeover

One of my sweet teammates, Britteny, inspired my latest kitchen makeover.  She hosted a party for me back in December and while I was there, I couldn't stop staring at all HER gorgeous DIY projects.  Not only is she way organized, but she is stylish, resourceful, thrifty, and oh-so-handy!  I especially loved her kitchen and marveled at their wine rack that topped their cabinets.  I was so inspired!  What a great use for that extra space!  She was kind enough to reveal her secrets and before I knew it, I was off to update my own kitchen with a similar look.  Originality is way overrated!

First, I went and bought the accordion style wine racks and placed them on top of my cabinets.  I quickly decided to paint my cabinets a rich expresso color.  Below is a photo of their original white color.

White cabinets-BEFORE

After I primed them and painted them expresso, here is the final outcome.

Expresso cabinets-AFTER
Now all that is left is filling the wine rack with wine.  Cheers to $3 wine from Whole Foods!  (It is called Three Wishes and for $3 is actually decent wine.  Who doesn't love a bargain?!)

Be Still My Heart...

The teal room is complete!  I still need to replace the ceiling fan with my capiz chandelier but so far, so good.  I absolutely love the rich, saturated color and had so much fun transforming this vanilla, ho-hum room into something fabulous.  This is my "happy room."  Eventually, I want to update it some more with curtains, etc. but still love it as is.  Isn't the color so dramatic and moody?  I love it!

I'm Baaaack!

So the last time I posted I was in the midst of painting yet another brick surface.  Has it really been a year?!?  I finished that job and quickly moved on to many more.  I am so far behind blogging and have done so many projects in the meantime that I don't know where to start!

Here is the painted brick wall (Help Me Rhonda post) that has become a working office now.  The white really opens the room and makes the whole place seem a little larger, and more updated.  I still need to work on organizing and decluttering some but so much better.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Help Me Rhonda!

Remember Paint Magic?  Well I have an entire brick wall and if only it were magic to paint!   This is the added back room (connected to the living room) that is my office.  It overlooks the back deck and has a funkiness all to it's own.  I have debated leaving the wall alone, because I find the brick charming.  On the other hand, I think the entire house will flow much more once it matches the fireplace.  Plus I have some pretty pictures  I would like to hang,

and they would just get lost on the existing brick wall.
 Here are some additional photos of what I am looking at...

Here goes nothing!

Guest Room

I finished my guest bedroom a few months ago just in time for a friend coming in for the Austin Marathon.  I did not take any "before" photos, although I have one pre-move in.
Here is my after.

The Next Big Thing...

I have BIG changes in store for this room!  After getting this capiz chandelier on sale for a shocking $9 (retails $175+) at the Pottery Barn outlet, I decided to paint the extra room a dark, dramatic teal color.  (I was literally dancing the jig in the store after the cashier confirmed the crazy sale price!)  I will replace the outdated ceiling fan with the chandelier and think the moody new color will add lots of pizzaz!

 Here is the color I have in mind....

I think it will be striking paired with this existing rug on these walls...

More to come!